Your Summer 2021 Horoscope Is Here

Updated: 5 days ago



(Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

This summer is going to bring you back to the basics. You will finally find the time to reconnect with any long-lost friends or family members that you have not been able to keep in touch with. New and interesting people will enter your life and you will make memories that will last a lifetime. If you are currently single, the possibility of meeting a cutie that catches your eye is a huge possibility. It might not be your Prince Charming, but this summer is all about keeping it casual. You will feel a higher level of inner peace than you have before, and it will benefit you in several ways. Take this time to reflect on the past and make new goals for the future ahead.



(Apr. 20 – May 20)

You have felt cooped up all winter long and now you are feeling a sense of restlessness, to say the least. Your body is aching and yearning for a new hobby to get you out of your comfort zone. This summer is time to get outside. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Ride your bicycle downtown. Whatever you do, just go, somewhere, anywhere. You are in need of burning off lots of steam that has been building up for so long. You have exciting things on the horizon and change is certainly in the air. Your productivity levels are at an all-time high, and you are spewing with positive vibrations.



(May 21 – Jun. 20)

This summer is going to be all about slowing down and taking life a little bit more seriously. Lately, your mind has been all over the place and your thoughts are constantly racing a mile-a-minute. This summer is a chance for you to pick your own brain. Learn more about yourself by studying every crevice of your mind, body, and spirit. Find out what makes you tick. Once you let go of the past, the happiness you seek will be seeking you.



(Jun. 21 – Jul. 22)

This summer is going to be all about you, Cancer. Yes, you. You feel as if others are tirelessly always trying to break you down and force you to feel bad about yourself. This summer is all about kicking those bad vibes to the curb, and owning who you are. Silence the haters. Live your life exactly however the hell you want to live it. You do not owe anyone any explanations or apologies, ever. Point blank. You are in for a summer of a lifetime, Cancer. A project or idea you have been focusing on lately is about to blow up, in the best way humanly possible. It is time for you to be in the spotlight and share your talent with the world.



(Jul. 23 – Aug. 22)

This summer is all about figuring out pieces of your journey, Leo. You are slowly starting to see how things slowly have been falling into place. The right people, the right job, the right moments, everything just seems to be right. How exciting, Leo. This summer will be your time to celebrate how far you have come. Shout it from a mountaintop. Embrace it. You should be so incredibly proud of where you are in life. You have the ability to connect with others. Make new friends, tell your story, share your secrets. Share your dreams and open up in ways like never before.



(Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

You have so many new and exciting ideas for this summer. You have so many ideas that you are not even sure exactly how to channel all those ideas at once. Planning is a great thing, Virgo, but sometimes the best plan is to have no plan. Sometimes you just have to take life as it comes. Go with the flow and see where life takes you this summer. You do not always need to be in control of every little thing, Virgo. Your mind may be scattered all over the place, but if you can sort out those thoughts properly, you will be golden.



(Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

This summer, all of the big life changes you have made over the last couple of months will start to unfold right in front of you. It will be a chance for you to realize exactly how those changes have made a positive impact on your life. So, sit back, and relax, Libra. Let change excite and inspire you instead of intimidate you. Remember to be damn proud of all you have done in order to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Your career is weighing heavy on your mind and you are focused on all the ways things could go wrong for you. You are a problem solver. You can fix just about anything that is broken and that is one of your most admired qualities, Libra.



(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

This summer will be a huge test for you. Are you capable of doing certain things in moderation, Scorpio? You want to party and live it up all summer long, but duties and responsibilities are knocking at your front door. You are an all or nothing kind of person, but this summer it is time to learn the art of balance. There is a fine line between over doing something and finding that happy, comfortable medium that lingers in between. You will feel motivated and encouraged to try new things and set new goals. Right now is the time to go wherever you want to go and whenever you wish to go there. There is no end to the adventures you are seeking, Scorpio.



(Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

This summer is going to be all about letting go of old endings and welcoming all new beginnings. You are finally about to start things fresh, Sagittarius. It is going to feel like a breath of fresh air. You have a strong desire to trim the dead ends out of your life so that you can make room for the new. This summer is going to be filled with newfound friendships, countless memories, and a new romance if you choose to play your cards right.



(Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

This summer is going to be all about figuring out what it is that means the most to you. You are itching to escape a daily routine and break free. You are not exactly sure what that will entail. The truth is, you have everything and anything you will ever need in life right in front of you, Capricorn. You have just lost sight of what you value as being important, but this summer will serve as a major wake up call. It will bring you back to the people, places, and things that mean the very most to you, and you will remember why that is. You feel things deeper than you normally would right now, and you are unsure of what to do with all these opposing emotions all at once. Take a moment to stop and breathe, Capricorn.



(Jan. 20 – Feb. 20)

This summer is going to be filled with exploration, adventure, and learning, Aquarius. You are eager to branch out and visit new places. This will be the time to broaden your horizons and start living in the moment for once. Stop worrying about what tomorrow might bring and start focusing on what the moment brings to you right now. Travel is certainly on the agenda this summer. Whether it be long distance travel or not, every adventure is worth it. You will be all work, no play this summer. You want to accomplish so many things in such a little amount of time that sometimes you tend to overwork yourself. This leads to exhaustion and many health problems. Take a moment to focus on your personal needs and put your work on the back burner.



(Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

This summer will be a chance to uncover layers of your soul, Pisces. Lately, you have set out on some sort of quest involving some serious and intense soul-searching. Your plans for this summer will be no different. You will finally feel confident and comfortable in your skin. You will be refreshed and excited for what is to come in the future. You will find time to nourish the relationships in your life that mean the most to you and leave room for growth. You are in a good place right now, Pisces. And things are only going to go up from here. Lucky you. Embrace this positive energy and spread it amongst you. Use the creative mind you were given to create and make things.