Work From Home Tips and Tricks

1. Take Breaks

When working from home you are your one and only boss. There's no one to tell you to stop and take a break, which often leads to a burn out. Be sure to take frequent breaks as needed during your at home workday. Go for a short walk, do some yoga, brew some coffee, This helps break up the work day and makes it less likely for you to overwork yourself.

2. Get Dressed

Sometimes working from home means staying in your PJS all day, which is totally great. But, sometimes if you throw on a nice outfit and shoes you will feel at least a tad bit better and more put together.

3. Eat Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we agree! Wake up and cook yourself a healthy, hearty breakfast to use for brain and body fuel. Brew some coffee and keep your water bottle filled.

4. Stay Organized

Make check-lists for what you need to get accomplished for the day, week, or month. As you finish tasks, cross them off your list.

5. Designate a Workspace

Just because you're not working in the office doesn't mean you can't create a home office. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and window nearby to allow natural lighting and air in.

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