What You Can Do About Anti-Asian Violence

Updated: Jun 13

Recent attacks on Asian victims are at the core of growing national dialogue about anti-Asian and Asian-American racism. The latest conflicts are growing approximately a year after the coronavirus pandemic generated increased abuse towards people of Asian origin. There are several ways to create safer public spaces, not just in Asian neighborhoods but also for the community.

Inter-Racial Dialogue

Having these conversations within the Asian community, but then expanding that out — talking to the Black community and the Latino community.


Many non-profit organizations and community groups have assembled to provide resources and support to the Asian-American community.

  • Asian Pacific Fund

  • 18 Million Rising

  • Asian American Feminist Collective

  • Stop AAPI Hate

  • Asian Mental Health Collective

  • Taiwanese Association of America

Report Crimes

If it is a violent situation or safety is in danger, call 911 immediately. Hate crimes are underreported and can be reported both to your local police and by tips to the FBI.


AAPI leaders also urge the importance of understanding the history of Asian Americans in the United States, and how diverse the experiences of each community within America are. Making sure that people understand the history of Asian-Americans in America is so valuable, as we are part of this country.

Community Resources

Making sure that there is a protective network and that there are community resources if there are any crimes or attacks that take place, as well as making sure that there is a response group that helps to provide the resources that they need.


Community groups have launched initiatives to improve local safety with the goal of protecting elderly Asians. You can apply to volunteer or make a donation. The goal of these volunteer efforts is to educate the public on bystander intervention tactics.