Trump vs. Biden's Stance On Key Issues

Updated: Jul 17

Police Violence

T: Trump has vilified racial justice protestors and vigorously defended both violent far-right vigilantes and the police.

B: Biden supports some forms of police reform, as well as reducing the prison population, but not defunding the police.

Nuclear Power

T: Trump wants to revive the industry, but there are rumblings he is not doing enough.

B: Biden supports developing new, safer nuclear reactors.

Housing Justice

T: Trump has fear-mongered that Democrats want to abolish the suburbs with their anti-discrimination policies.

B: Biden supports a refundable tax credit for first-time homebuyers and policies that help eliminate housing discrimination.


T: Trump issued an executive order decrying medicare for all.

B: Biden claims that all we need to do is restore Obamacare and provide a public option.

Economic Inequality

T: Trump says a strong economy is the greatest thing that can happen for race relations.

B: Biden's economic plan devotes billions to a new small business opportunity fund.


T: Trump has been criticized for dangerously mishandling many aspects of the virus, including testing and spreading disinformation about it.

B: Biden has put together a centralized federal strategy for testing and contact tracing.

Mask Wearing

T: Trump has sent mixed messages on wearing masks and hosted predominantly indoor rallies with no mask-wearing protocols in place at all.

B: Biden states that we all have to mandate to wear a mask and not as a burden to protect each other from the virus.

Wage Equality

T: Trump claims that he has paid women at his company the same and sometimes more in the past.

B: Biden believes in equal pay for equal work.


T: Trump has promised a vaccine by early to mid-next year.

B: Biden's plan would ramp up the large-scale manufacturing of as many vaccine candidates as necessary.


T: Trump states that legislation increasing access to abortion would deprive the mother's womb moments before birth.

B: Biden was formerly in favor of a constitutional amendment but has reversed his stance on this topic.

Maternal Health

T: Trump signed the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act.

B: Biden intends on investing many resources, gathering critical data, investigating the number of deaths, increasing funding, and granting more access to services.

Border Crisis

T: Trump has proposed shooting migrants in the legs and building an alligator moat.

B: Biden's immigration plan has promised to send some of Trump's most authoritarian policies.

Green Jobs

T: Trump has promised to add thousands of new jobs to the fossil-fuel industry.

B: Biden says we have to get rid of the old way of thinking that the clean economy and jobs do not go together.

Prescription Drug Costs

T: The FDA has approved the most significant number of generic drugs in history.

B: Biden supports linking drug prices to the typically cheaper ones paid overseas.

Guns On Campus

T: Trump has proposed bonuses for teachers who get gun training.

B: If teachers determine that a child is a danger, the school should take them off the campus.

Domestic Violence

T: Trump has expressed support for red-flag laws.

B: Biden supports a federal red flag law and closing the boyfriend loophole.