Top Influencer Marketing Platforms In 2020

#1. AspireIQ

Aspire IQ is the leading influencer marketing platform for creating branded content. The software platform connects top brands with hundreds of influencers.

Channels: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

#2. Popular Pays

Popular Pays allows users to collaborate with top notch content creators to reach your brands needs. You can discover influencers of every size, from large scale influencers to micro-influencers.

Channels: Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook

#3. Post For Rent

The Post For Rent platform works to assist in finding and managing top rated influencers and their content by carefully searching through profiles and data and researching key audiences.

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

#4. Markerly

Markerly is an influencer marketing platform which covers all large social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and personal blogs.

Channels: Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram

#5. Upfluence

Upfluence is a hybrid influencer marketing platform which also provides creative services to a wide variety of different brands and agencies.

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

#6. Crowdly

Crowdly allows brands identify who their projected audience is and also gives advice on how to engage with them. Crowdly also give brands a way to measure their impact when working with advocates.

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube