These BLM Petitions Still Need Your Signature

Updated: 20 hours ago


Justice for Tamir Rice

At 12 years old, Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police for playing in the park with a toy gun. The petition calling to reopen the case has nearly 1,500,000 signatures. Sign now


Justice for Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain was killed in August 2019 in Aurora, Colorado, by a police officer while walking home from a gas station and carrying groceries. This petition is calling for justice for Elijah McClain and demanding a more thorough investigation. Sign now


Justice for Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed back in 2012. His killer still remains free of any charges. This petition was created in hopes to reopen his case. Sign now


Justice for Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was arrested in traffic back in 2015, and she was found dead in her prison cell three days later. This petition has nearly 200,000 signatures currently. Sign now


National Action Against Police Brutality

This petition is directed towards law enforcement reform and is intended to work on holding the police accountable for their actions. Sign now


Defund The Police

The Defund The Police act aims to defund law enforcement and redirect funds to invest in Black communities. AFSC supports the Movement for Black Lives, which has called for divestment from the police and investment in Black communities. This petition calls governors in every state to defund policing and invest in things like schools, health care, and justice initiatives. Sign now


Hands Up Act

The Hands Up Act is a proposed legislation that suggests officers receive a required 15-year prison sentence for the killing of unarmed men and women. Sign now


Stand With Breonna

This petition is dedicated to Breonna Taylor, who was murdered when police wrongfully entered her Kentucky apartment. Sign now


Black History Education Bill

This bill is dedicated to expanding Black history within schools. This bill will help bring about the empowerment of our children and our local communities and provide the opportunity for the children to channel the greatness of their history. Sign now

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