The Influencer's Guide Instagram Engagement Rate

What Does Engagement Rate Mean?

In short, any interaction made by your followers with any of your posts on social media is considered as engagement, whether it be in the form of likes, comments, saves, and profile views.

Why Influencers Need High Engagement Rates

Many influencers do everything in their power to grow a massive audience across their social media platforms, but that isn't always the best or most important move to make. You should be more focused on your authentic credibility with your audience to shows brands and companies that you are someone who can positively influence other. In this case, it's often quality over quantity. For example, an influencer may have a reach of 5k total followers on her Instagram account geared towards hiking and camping. If her engagement rate is decently high, her like-to-comment ratio is solid, and she takes the time to interact and connect with her followers personally, brands will notice that over a larger number of followers. An influencer can have 100k followers, but a terrible engagement rate. The reason can be one of many things such as not taking the time to reply to comments and direct messages, lack of effort and consistency in posts and captions, or failing to interact and engage with others.

Tips to Increase Your Engagement Rate

1. Post Quality Content

Be consistent with posting content on your feed. If your account hasn't seen a new post for over three weeks, you're severely lacking in the posting department. Your followers want new content all the time, and if you aren't providing it, they might click that unfollow button sooner than later.

2. Reply To Comments

Engage and interact with your followers and respond to their comments and DMs to show that you are interested in what they have to say.

3. Use Hashtags

Use specific hashtags that are targeted to attract your desired audience. For example, if you're a fitness guru that posts your favorite healthy dishes and best workout routines, you might want to use some # fitspo hashtags.

Use long-tail hashtags in your posts. Long-tail hashtags are specific and detailed, meaning that they reflect the overall message of your post.

You can also use general hashtags but make sure to include long-tail tags to boost your chances of being featured.

4. Choose a Theme

Many popular influencers often have a color scheme throughout the majority of their entire Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing and corresponds to their overall message. If you edit in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, pick one or two filters to use on your images and stick to them. For example, if your feed is meant to spread inspiration and positivity, keep your color-scheme bright and airy to attract a following that is looking for some light.

5. Collaborations

If you feature any person or brand in your post, mention them and don't forget to tag their account. You can do this in both your posts and stories as well as your highlights. This not only helps increase your engagement, but it also can expand your reach.

6. Be Authentic

Be yourself and only promote brands and products that you truly love and use in everyday, real life. Your followers can sense when there is a lack of originality and you aren't being 100% tangible with them. People want to follow you for your personality, talent, and creativity. Let your personality shine through your posts and your followers will take notice.

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