Best drugstore sheet masks

Updated: 6 days ago

1. Pixi Glow Glycolic Boost

Pixi Beauty's favorite Glow Tonic Toner now comes in the form of a sheet mask. It provides a gentle exfoliation, while minimizing the appearance of large pores and brings out that inner-glow. 

2. Farmacy Brightening

This brightening gel sheet mask by Farmacy is made with the most hydrating ingredient ever, hyaluronic acid, paired with cucumber extract, making your skin feel moisturized for hours on end.

3. Burt's Bees Hydrating

Burt's Bees hydrated sheet mask will instantly smooth over any rough patches on your skin with the clary sage and botanical blend of flowers and plants packed in this mask.

4. Patchology The Good Fight

The Good Fight Clear Skin Sheet Mask is made with tree and willow bark help to slay skin-clogging bacteria, while the peppermint soothes any inflammation and eliminates any oil that's built up in your pores.

5. Peach Slices Hydrate

Peach Slice's hydrate sheet mask brings tons of moisture with antioxidant thyme to your skin, which is also antibacterial and antifungal. Made with soothing jasmine and chamomile to calm your skin.

6. No7 Restore & Renew

No7's Restore & Renew serum boost sheet mask provides a high concentration to your skin in just 20 minutes or less. The mask itself is super lightweight and doesn't feel sticky or leave any residue on your skin.

7. Bliss Rose Gold Foil

This foil sheet mask works to sooth and hydrate even the most sensitive skin. This next-gen, vegan, foil-backed sheet mask conforms to facial contours and provides intense serum delivery and absorption to your skin.

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