The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes

Camp Date Night

This date night box recreates the feel of a weekend spent in nature camping. Every month you will recieve a box that comes fully equipped with s'mores fixings, string lights, candles, and outdoor games – all for just $55.

Bonding Bees

For $39, Bonding Bees sends you a monthly gift box with a custom made game, activities, and products that allow you to experience something new from home with your partner. Subscribe for a new date every month or choose the date of your choice.

Unbox Love

Unbox Love, which goes for $45 a month, delivers a fun date night in one package. You and your partner will work together to solve mysteries, complete puzzles, all while snacking on your favorite foods.

Hunt A Killer

For $30 a month, you and your partner will take on the role of detectives trying to solve a cold case. Tyhe game is divided in chapters so you get more and more clues as the months go by. At the end of the season, you will uncover whether you found the killer or not.


Get everything you need for a fun, romantic date night every month for just $7.99 with free shipping. Happily offers a super easy sign up, flexible plan options, and fast shipping directly to you.

Datebox Club

DateBox Club comes with a different theme each month and they offer flexible plans so you can choose how often your date arrives, as well as digital date nights for $5 a month.