Ways To Reduce Stress

Updated: Jul 23


Begin or end your day with a few moments of deep breathing and remaining focused awareness of your body, thoughts, and feelings.

Digital detox

Go on a media and technology detox for a day or two and shut off unnecessary electronic devices. Sign out of social media and focus on yourself for a change.

Pamper yourself

Throw on a face mask, give yourself an at-home mani and Pedi, lotion your body up, do whatever you need to do to feel better on both the inside and out.

Get outside

Be sure to take the time to step outside for a breath of fresh air each day. This provides you with many health advantages, both physical and mental.

Stay active

Getting your heart rate up boosts your serotonin and dopamine levels drastically, thus improving your mood, happiness and reducing pain.

Book a massage

Many studies show a massage has been shown to relieve pain and stiffness, boost immunity, lessen anxiety and depression, lower stress and blood pressure, and stimulate circulation.

Try journaling

Try to jot down a few things you're thankful for in a journal, or write down your current emotions and ideas to reflect on at a later date.

Get enough sleep

Be sure to get enough sleep at night so that you're well-rested and ready to tackle each day. Try to sustain a wholesome sleep cycle and routine that works with your lifestyle and schedule.