Tips To Reduce Stress

Updated: 4 hours ago


Research shows that regular meditation undoes the adverse effects of stress on our brains and calms our mind, body, and soul.

Get outside

Be sure to take the time to step outside for a breath of fresh air each day. This provides you with many health benefits, both physical and mental.

Sweat it out

Getting your heart rate up increases your serotonin and dopamine levels drastically, thus improving your mood, pleasure and reducing pain. Something as simple as going for a walk or run, taking an online yoga class, riding your bike, or an at-home circuit routine can be enough to boost your spirits.

Book a massage

Many studies show a massage has been shown to relieve pain and stiffness, boost immunity, reduce anxiety and depression, lower stress and blood pressure, and increase circulation.

Try journaling

Try to jot down a few things you’re grateful for in a journal, or write down your current feelings and thoughts to reflect on at a later date.

Get enough sleep

Be sure to get enough sleep at night so that you're well-rested and ready to tackle each day. Try to maintain a healthy sleep cycle and routine that works with your lifestyle and schedule.

Tidy up your space

Research shows that clutter increases our stress hormones, reduces creativity and overall ability to focus. Set a timer for just five minutes, and make it a point to tidy up your space a bit.

Eat a balanced diet

Your body requires a healthy balance of fuel to stay healthy, balanced and functioning. Be sure that you are fueling your body with nutritious foods to increase your overall health and well-being.