How To Support The LGBTQ+ Community

Updated: Jul 17

Attend community events

Attend pride parades, celebrations, and community events you can find throughout the year. While the pandemic has put many community events involving the community on hold briefly, there are other ways to show your support even if you cannot be on the frontlines.

Educate yourself

Stay educated on the latest news and information surrounding the community, and do your best to educate others around you as well.

Be vocal

Speak supportively of these people or mention your activism involvement in various settings to normalize talking about and supporting these people and issues.


Do your part by reaching out to organizations that raise awareness, advocate for issues, and ask how you can help. Donating money to organizations that support the community is something you can do from your couch.

Use the correct pronouns

Offer your pronouns (he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, etc.) and respectfully ask someone theirs upon first meeting.


One of the most prominent and useful things you can do to support the community is to be a great listener.