How To Support The Black Community Right Now

Updated: 6 days ago


There are tons of organizations you can make a donation to right now to show your support to the black community. Your donation will go directly to those in need of the finances, support and resources to make an impact in the world.

Attend a protest

Look up information for your town's local protests and attend a peaceful protest. Be sure to come prepared and stay safe. Learn more about how to protest safely and peacefully.

Become a legal observer

Legal observers are not considered to be participants in protests. Their job is to help keep law enforcement and other officials accountable for their actions and maintain a peaceful environment. Check with your local NLG chapter for training details for training classes.

Support black-owned businesses

Tons of black-owned businesses were shut out of the federal Paycheck Protection Program during the coronavirus pandemic. Choosing to shop black-owned businesses both locally and nationally can be a major help.

Stay informed

Right now is the perfect opportunity to get involved in anti-racism work. There's plenty of anti-racism resources for white people to become better educated on this issue and how it's impacting our world immensely and has been for centuries. There are plenty of books, podcasts, articles, and social media accounts that can help raise awareness for white folk.

Sign petitions

There are tons of petitions you can sign easily online to show your support to the black community during this time.