How to pay your bills during covid-19

Updated: a day ago

Prioritize the essentials

The first step is figuring out which bills need to be paid first. This is likely going to be your rent, student loans, car insurance, taxes, groceries, and electric to take top priority over smaller things such as monthly subscriptions or apps on your cell phone.

Communicate your needs

If you are having a difficult time coming up with rent money every month, communicate those concerns to your landlord. You never know, they might be able to work with you to come up with a payment plan or something to assist your needs.


Try to stay away from online shopping, ordering takeout, and spending money on useless items you do not really need to be wasting your money on. Make your morning coffee at home and cook meals in your kitchen rather than paying that high delivery fee to Postmates on a daily basis. The savings will add up fast and you will finally see where all your money has being going.

Keep a money diary

Keep a journal of your money spent and earned to keep track of your spending habits. Whenever you pay a bill or pay for something with cash, write it down. Add up all of your income and deduct your expenses monthly to get a better overall understanding of where your money is really going.

Save, save, save

Right now you should be saving at least half of whatever form of income you have to ensure that in the event an emergency occurs, you have a rainy day fund to rely on.

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