How to start a blog in 2020

Updated: 7 days ago

1. Pick a niche

Your niche is one of the most important parts of your entire blog. Your niche is what will separate you from the rest and make your work stand out and shine. Choosing the right niche is essential and a critical part in creating a successful blog whether that be for personal pleasure or monetary purposes.

2. Choose a domain

Use a .com domain when possible. Avoid using any numbers and hyphens in your domain name, as they tend to be more difficult to remember. Make it short and memorable rather than long and descriptive. When in doubt, simply use your own first and last name as your domain. The most common option when selecting a domain name is to use a .com site address. If your domain is already taken, try using a .blog option instead.

3. Choose a blogging platform & web host

Your hosting company is an important part of creating a new blog. Your host is essentially where your blog resides indefinitely, and it is where your most important files will be located. Your web host makes sure your site is available around the clock for potential readers to access. Many hosting companies will also provide you a free domain for the first year when you purchase their services. Choosing which platform you want to create your blog is an important step in starting a blog.

4. Design your site

Your blog's design should reflect your personality and overall what your blog is about. Choose a theme that is clean, bright, and easy to access. You want your site to be easy as possible to navigate and all of your links should be up and running smoothly. If it's tricky to move around it, people will not stay. The most important part of your blog is no other than of course, the content it provides your readers. Start creating content right away and stay consistent with your posts. Make sure that your content is both relevant and informative for your readers.

5. Promote your blog

Start spreading the word about your blog on social media sites. Don't forget to include a link to your blog for easy access. Become an expert at leveraging a certain media platform to help reach you and your business' goals. Staying engaged and having a presence on social media within your niche is critical when it comes to gaining a following and directing traffic to your blog. Submit your blog to a search engine. Having your blog indexed on search engines is extremely useful to drive traffic to your site.

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