How to Sell Your Clothes Online

Updated: 4 days ago


Poshmark gives you a prepaid shipping label, making it simple to pack and track your package as it gets sent to the buyer. Their app also has a social media component, so you can follow friends and sign up for "Posh Parties," where users can buy and sell items super quickly and easily.


This site makes it super easy and hassle-free to sell your clothes. Just take a photo of the item you wish to get rid of, share it on Tradesy, and it’s up for the world to shop for. Select a USPS priority label, a full shipping kit, or use your stuff to send it to the buyer.

The Real Real

If you have luxury items to sell, this online consignment shop is the way to go. Once your item is sold, they guarantee you will gain up to 85% of the profits.


ThredUP is super easy to buy and sell clothing online. They send t’s so easy you a prepaid bag, and once you get the bag, you fill it up. The team at ThredUP will then handle photographing and selling everything, so you sit back and relax.