How To Make Your Bed At Home Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel

Stick To All White

Ever notice how hotel bedding is strictly all white? It gives off a cozy, clean, and heavenly kind of feel.

Folded Over Fitted

Hotels typically will use two flat sheets instead of a fitted one, and the bottom flat sheet is usually oversized and tucked around the mattress, while the top flat sheet is tucked into the sides with the top folded over.

High Thread-Count

Those super silky yet crisp sheets you find at luxury hotels are typically around the 300-thread-count mark, and they are always 100% cotton, specifically Egyptian cotton.

Add A Feather Bed

If your bed isn't quite cutting it in terms of comfort, it's always a good idea to add a feather bed to top it off. This will create that super cozy, fluffy vibe that hotel beds typically have.

All The Pillows

You can never have too many pillows – am I right? Stack your bed with all the pillows and throw pillows that your heart desires.


Weightless Sheet Set

Casper creates super soft, durable, wrinkle-resistant sheets that only gets softer and softer over time. You will feel the softness after every single wash, making them well worth the investment.


Luxe Core Sheet Set

These sheets have an incredible overall fabric quality with its smooth, durable fabric that is pill-resistant.


Percale Sheet Set

For those who crave a more crisp feel to their sheets rather than a smooth feel, percale sheets are just for you. They are also great for those who tend to sleep hot because it is lightweight and airy when it touches the skin.

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