What Women Want In Bed

Updated: Apr 16


Women love communication not only in their real lives but in their sex life as well. Community with her. Tell her how turned on you are and when something feels good. It is super hot for her to hear that. It would help if you weren’t silent. It’s a significant buzz kill and bores us. Tell her how sexy she looks. Tell her how good it feels. Women like to talk to their partners about what they like and what they want. It helps build up the tension to finally unleash on one another when the time is right too.

Tease her

Women love to be teased. The reason for that is unknown. It builds up suspense and messes with her mind. Kiss all over her body and whisper in her ear. Many women enjoy kinky sex to some degree. I think that most women like it when a guy spanks them or gently pulls their hair. Anything that makes us feel a little dirty but still respected as a woman is essential and acceptable.


Women seriously love foreplay and lots of it. It’s a known fact that women typically take longer to reach an orgasm than men do, so foreplay is critical. You want to see that she is fully aroused before jumping into things.

Eye contact

Women love to feel the intimacy that sex brings, primarily through eye contact. Look into her eyes. Please pay close notice to the facial expressions she makes. When she likes something, it will be evident by her reaction. Eye contact is sexy and creates a deeper connection between the both of you.

Be attentive

Women love when their man pays attention to what they like and don’t like. If she seems to enjoy a particular thing, take note of that and do it again next time. We want to feel like nothing else matters at that moment other than pleasing us. Women hate when men rush things in the bedroom. It would help if you weren’t focusing only on your own needs.

Respect her

Many women love to be dominated and tossed around a little bit, but we also want to be respected during sex. Always talk about boundaries, safe words, or signals that things have gone too far. Be respectful always.