Easy Money Saving Hacks

Updated: a day ago

Skip the coffee shop

It may be super tempting to grab your morning cup of coffee on the way to work, for a meeting, or pretty much anywhere that you're on-the-go and doesn't require making it yourself. Skipping that $6 Starbucks latte every week will seriously add up in your bank account.

Buy in bulk

Invest in a Costco membership and do your grocery shopping there. Whenever possible, try to pick up items in bulk every week when I pick up groceries to save money on staples and household items that tend to be pricey at your local market.

Prep your meals

This is one thing that many people talk about doing but tend to struggle with when it comes to follow-through. Bringing lunch to work is one of my favorite ways to save money every single week.

Automate your savings

For those of us who aren't so likely to use cash most of the time, one of the biggest lifesaving hacks you can do for yourself is to automate your savings.

Start an emergency fund.

Emergency funds are something you should set in place to avoid using a credit card if an emergency may arise and helps you avoid piling up the debt.

Go cash-only

In the digital-first world we currently live in, it is easy to pay for things with cards. Using cash has been known to be a money-saving hack for many different reasons.