Resources to find Black-owned businesses

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Launched on September first of this year, their goal is to enable people to collectively support and empower the black community.

The Black Owned Directory

The Black Owned Directory is a new and upcoming website that is itself black owned and was created for people of all races to come together and support black owned businesses around the globe. The platform allows users to discover black owned businesses near them, as well as shop online goods and services.

Black Nation

Launched back in 2018, Black Nation has become the first black owner social directory. It is basically a new form of Instagram for people in the black community. It lets all businesses to create giveaways and use the apps social component to connect with customers, friends, or family.


WeBuyBlack is a global online marketplace for black owned businesses, also known to be called the black Amazon. It is a movement to see economic justice on a worldwide spectrum

I Am Black Business

I Am Black Business is a company whose main purpose is to empower and uplift the black businesses that exist currently. The website and app serve as a directory of black owned businesses in your current area and provide a list of helpful tools and resources to help you get involved.

Support Black Owned

Founded back in 2012, they are a dedicated search engine for black owned businesses. You can use the easy-to-use app or online website to find a business through the state search, category search, global search, or site search options.

Shop Black Owned

For those located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Dallas, check out this useful resource on finding black owned businesses near you. This newly launched open source tool was created with the goal of providing wider access to Black-owned businesses and connecting consumer buying power to positive economic and social change.

Official Black Wall Street

With thousands of black owned businesses in ten different countries currently listed, it is one of the largest black owned business discovery platforms out there. Black business owners can list their business through the app, and consumers can find Black-owned businesses near them.

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