Ways to destress during the election

Updated: 6 days ago

Digital detox

Though very few people actually take breaks from their digital devices, and it is easily the most powerful thing you can do to tone down your levels of stress. You do not need to go cold turkey, though. Limit the social media channels you pay attention to and unfollow anyone or anything that makes you feel anxious or uneasy in any way. Be mindful of your screen time and try to limit it to as minimal as possible without entirely shutting the world out. Be sure to work on limiting content to fact based, reputable or primary sources, like national news outlets.


This may sound super cliche, but it is proven that meditating helps people cope with everyday stress and anxiety of the future. Try setting aside twenty minutes per day to meditate and calm your body down in a natural, healing way.

Write in a journal

Something as simple as writing down your thoughts and opinions can slow down your mind and help you collect your thoughts in a healthy, productive manner. Try dedicating twenty minutes per day to writing in a journal and expressing yourself on paper.

Stay active

Whether it is doing a high intensity cardio workout or just going for a walk around the block, getting your body to move will turn your election stress down significantly. Your body needs endorphins to function at its best, so get moving and you will thank yourself later on.

Be present

It is easy to let your mind wander, imagining what the world will be like if we have a repeat of the last four years. Do your very best to remain fully present in the moment and not allow yourself to worry too much about what comes next.

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