Anti-Racist Books To Add To Your Reading List

Updated: Feb 11


So You Want to Talk About Race

This New York Times best seller shows people of all races how to have constructive and useful conversations about race in America by answering common questions while providing education on our country's racist heritage.


White Fragility

This best-selling book examines how white defensive responses to conversations about race and racism reinforce inequality and prevent meaningful dialogue.


How to Be An Antiracist

This New York Times bestselling book explains why being neutral is simply not an option in our country today. He explains how in order to stand against racism, we have to be actively antiracist.


Between The World And Me

This New York Times bestseller, features both a personal narrative with education to help explain racism in America, in history and as it exists today.


My Vanishing Country

Part memoir, part historical and cultural analysis, this book illuminates the continued systemic oppression and broken systems experienced by Black Americans, specifically in the South.


Hood Feminism

This collection of essays explores the modern-day feminist movement and all of its blind spots, including its failure to create equality for all women.


Me and White Supremacy

Saad has gifted the world an unparalleled resource for digging up the deepest and most disguised layers of white supremacy.


Sister Outsider

A collection of 15 essential essays written by Audre Lorde, the late feminist and black lesbian poet. Praised as landmark writings, Lorde speaks to racism, sexism, LGBTQ+ issues, and so much more.


White Tears Brown Scars

An impactful book of history and cultural criticism that argues white feminism has been a weapon of white supremacy and patriarchy deployed against women of color.


I’m Still Here

This book is a powerful account of what it’s like growing up as a Black Christian woman in America. Channing Brown addresses some of today’s most pertinent topics—including the intersections of racial justice and religion.