50 Birthday Instagram Captions

1. ”Hugs, kisses and lots of birthday wishes.”

2. ”On this day a queen was born.”

3. ”Make a wish.”

4. ”I wanna be forever young.”

5. ”Making my years count instead of counting the years.”

6. ”I hope the birthday cake is as sweet as me.”

7. ”Cake, cake, cake, cake.”

8. ”Cake by the ocean.”

9. ”Go shawty, its sher-bert day.”

10. ”Hold on to your inner child as you grow older.”

11. ”Gonna party like it's my birthday, cause it is.”

12. ”Eating my cake and wearing it too.”

13. ”Found my birthday crown.”

14. ”Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.”

15. ”Never gonna grow up.”

16. ”I’m so awesome, when I was born, I was given a certificate.”

17. ”Another year older, none the wiser.”

18. ”Another year older, another year wiser? We’ll see about that.”

19. ”HBD to me.”

20. ”Age is just a number, right?”

21. ”I'm getting old.”

22. ”Of course I don’t know how to act my age, I’ve never been this age before.”

23. ”When the candles cost more than the cake, it’s time to realize you’re getting old.”

24. ”Don’t worry about your age you will be older next year.”

25. ”I’m so happy you were born.”

26. #BirthdayQueen

27. #BirthdayKing

28. ”Time to party.”

29. ”It's your day to shine.”

30. ”It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.”

31. ”Cheers to *insert age* years.”

32. ”I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

33. ”The only thing I’m feeling is 22 beers.”

34. ”Oh thank god, I still have another year until Blink-182 doesn’t like me.”

35. ”Started from the bottom now we 22.”

36. ”21 and oh so fun.”

37. ”Cheers and beers to my 21 years.”

38. ”Being 21 is nothing to wine about.”

39. ”Old enough to know better. Young enough to get away with it.”

40. ”I’m just here for the birthday cake.”

41. ”Time to celebrate.”

42. ”Live your life and forget your age.”

43. ”Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.”

44. ”The only things getting lit today are the candles on my cake.”

45. ”New year, same me because I’m already awesome.”

46. ”This is my year of dreams coming true.”

47. ”Put your party pants on, people.”

48. ”What's my age again?”

49. ”Cha cha cha.”

50. ”I’m too young to be this old.”