40 summer date night ideas

Updated: Oct 13

1. Have a picnic at the beach.

2. Take a brewery tour.

3. Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre.

6. Take a hike.

7. Watch an outdoor concert.

8. Go for a bike ride.

9. Hit up the arcades.

10.Visit a local winery.

11. Go go-karting.

12. Spend a day at the beach.

13. Go on a camping trip.

14. Go for a walk in the park.

15. Sit by a bonfire and toast s'mores.

16. Have a day by the pool.

17. Go kayaking.

18. Volunteer.

19. Go to a water park.

20. Go zip lining.

21. Have a BBQ for two.

22. Have an at-home game night with friends.

23. Grill out on the patio.

24. Have a movie marathon.

25. Go bowling.

26. Hit up happy hour.

27. Rent a sailboat.

28. Grab a coffee at a local cafe.

29. Go out for ice cream.

30. Go to the batting cages.

31. Go to the aquarium.

32. Rent scooters.

33. Watch the sunrise or sunset.

34. Visit a local farm.

35. Take a dinner boat cruise.

36. Go strawberry picking.

37. Float in the river.

38. Have an at-home spa day.

39. Go thrifting.

40. Hit up a food truck for dinner.

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