Netflix Series To Binge On This Month

Updated: Apr 2

Too Hot To Handle

Binge on this typical reality TV series where fifteen gorgeous contestants live together in a villa in paradise while facing an unexpected large cash price and celibacy challenge for a month.


In the Netflix original series Ratched, Paulson plays the infamous nurse in an interpretation of the nurse turned malpractice monster show.

Love On The Spectrum

First broadcasted in Australia, Love On The Spectrum follows young Australians on the autism spectrum as they navigate dating and romance.

Unsolved Mysteries

If you love a good mystery, this Netflix original series is perfect for you. The series is a reboot of the hit Unsolved Mysteries, and each of the six episodes in Netflix's version highlights a different case.

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai dives back into the world of Karate Kid, over three decades ago. Johnny Lawrence is back and reopening the Cobra Kai dojo where he finds himself at odds with an old rival.

Never Have I Ever

The new teen drama-filled comedy from Mindy Kaling is the perfect distraction during the pandemic. From friendship, family drama, boy drama, to sexuality, this Indian-American experience in half-hour episodes is a great Netflix find.

Trial By Media

In this exciting miniseries, documentarians revisit some of the most media-saturated crimes in recent history, from murder on The Jenny Jones Show to the crimes of Chicago politician.

The Stranger

If you like thrills, murders, and being confused, The Stranger is an engaging mystery with many a spooky storyline to follow.

Love Is Blind

Netflix's serialized reality dating show brings thirty Atlanta singles to a set specially built for blind dating, the men and women live in separate quarters and go on dates in small pods where they are separated by a glass wall.


Unorthodox is the story of a young Hasidic Jewish woman who flees from her life in Brooklyn, her community, and her arranged marriage to start anew in Berlin. The four-part series is based on Deborah Feldman's memoir Unorthodox.

Blood And Water

After crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen sets out to prove whether a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth.

Outer Banks

When you have got teens from warring tribes going head to head, there’s going to be drama. Just look at the Montagues and the Capulets.


The Netflix original series Ozark is frequently one of the streaming service's most popular shows and for good reason. Almost like a backwoods version of Breaking Bad, the series opens with Jason Bateman's life falling apart.

The Umbrella Academy

The Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy is the perfect antidote to those fatigued by the glut of superhero movies and TV shows.


Enter Criminal, Netflix’s international anthology series set within the walls of a police interrogation suite, and you immediately have another hit from the same stable.

The Sinner

The Sinner is a crime mystery series that caught fans’ attention in season one by flipping the whodunnit format into a whydunnit.

Mind Hunter

David Fincher's gloomy serial killer drama didn’t quite make it to the watercooler when it first arrived, but as with many on-demand shows, its slow-building intrigue gripped enough people for Netflix to renew it for a second season.

Making A Murderer

A poster child for Netflix and one of the true-crime documentaries that spurred hundreds of similar shows in the following years.