The Best Non-Alcoholic Wines

Updated: Feb 25


Fre White Zinfandel

Classic Sutter Home, without the hangover the next morning. This new, delicious option is perfect for a quiet night in solo or with someone special. Enjoy fragrant strawberry and cranberry aromas that bring refreshing flavors of ripe berries, followed by a pleasant, lingering finish in every sip.


TÖST Sparkling

This sophisticated blend of sparkling white tea, cranberry, and ginger is made with the common foodie in mind. They've crafted and perfected a healthy and meaningful drinking experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Ariel Cabernet

This tasty cabernet is fermented and aged in the traditional red wine method and offers all of the benefits of a red wine, with less than half of one percent alcohol. This non-alcoholic wine beverage offers aromas of black currants, cherry, blueberries and chocolate, with soft tannins and a dry finish.


Leitz Eins Zero Riesling

Enjoy the aromas of peach, apricot and ripe apple, with a touch of lime with this alcohol-free riesling. The citrus notes and a refreshing finish make this the perfect wine to pair with a meal. It also offers a hint of light fruitiness in every sip.


Eisberg Rosé

This drink is refreshing and juicy for an alcohol free treat. It is packed with tons of fruity flavors including strawberry and cherry. Enjoy both the strawberry jam and raspberry flavors, with all of the alcohol carefully removed for guilt-free sipping.


Belvoir Fruit Farms Rosé

If you are looking for less of a wine and more of a sparkling refresher. It contains a carefully balanced blend of rosé, red and white grape juices, raspberry juice and a touch of orange blossom.


Le Petit Chavin Rosé

The rosé is designed to pair well with light bites and fares. Enjoy this light refreshing summer sip without the added booze, for guilt-free drinking.


Pierre Chavin Silhouet

Made of grapes from France and sweetened with stevia, consider this fruity and sweet drink your booze-free dessert wine. Available in Chardonnay, with a delectable nose of tropical fruits, peaches, lychees and white flowers and a fruity and balanced palate, this wine "low calorie" mixes pleasure and diet.


St. Regis Cabernet

Enjoy the flavorful taste of rich Cabernet. Soft, ruby-red non-alcoholic wine tastes aromatic nose of spices, mint, and ripe plums. An alcohol free selection that is medium-bodied and well balanced displaying aromas and flavors of black currant and cherry framed with toasty oak, spice, mint and herbs.


McGuigan Zero Rosé

Offer outstanding value, this delicate rosé is fruit and extra zesty. There is a slightly fizzy mouthfeel, which provides a little interest, and helps to add to the delicious taste.


Pierre Chavin Zero Rosé

Muscat, floral and fruity aromas of currants and raspberries. Delicate and persistent bubbles. Adorned with a pale salmon pink color with bright reflections, Pierre Zéro Rosé Sparkling is a pretty fine bubble, delicate and persistent.


Sutter Home Fre Moscato

This alcohol-free white wine features flavors and aromas of white peaches and tropical fruit, along with a crisp, clean finish. A sweet alcohol-removed Moscato with aromas of rose petals and peaches lead to creamy flavors that give way to a lingering finish.


Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay

Noughty is produced with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes grown on sandy and calcareous soils, in vineyards located in La Mancha, Spain. Dry, with crunchy, ripe-apple fruit.