The Best Places To Work Remotely

Updated: 5 days ago

The library

There is nothing better than being able to get work done in the comfort of a quiet and serene library. Most libraries open their doors to the public with decent free wifi at your convenience. If you go to a public library, you portably will not even need to purchase a library card to use the space unless you plan on checking out a book.

Coworking spaces

Co-working spaces are the latest trend in the business world. It is a space where young professionals can collaborate with other like-minded individuals or work in a modern and vibrant setting. Many of these spaces are colorful, bright, and inspiring inside.

College campuses

College campuses are a great place to get work done in a relaxed and casual environment. The majority of major universities have access to lounge areas inside the main buildings that are usually filled with couches to sit on, ports to charge your device, an array of tables to work at, chairs to sit on, and maybe even a cute little window-side reading nook.


Fast food joints that offer a quick bite with a small seating area are prime for getting work done without being distracted. You can plop yourself down in a corner booth solo, pop your headphones in, and get the job done. Most of the time, these spots have free, easily assessable wifi, and the staff totally will not even notice if you sit there for hours on end.

Hotel lobbies

Most hotel lobbies are a total ghost town when it is midday and during work hours. You will have unlimited access to fast wifi, ample amounts of free caffeine and a quiet space to get work done. Another bonus is that most lobbies are super spacious, so if you have any phone calls to make, it will not make too much noise.


Many public museums offer free admission with a student card, no matter how old you are. If not, a majority of others will offer deals and discounts throughout the workweek. These places also tend to have free internet you can hook up to and some dining area or cafe so that you can grab something to eat and drink while getting down to business.

Private office rentals

If you work best in private, renting your private deck or office is a viable option. These spaces may cost you an arm and a leg, but it is an option for you to get work done in a clean and calm environment.