10 Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

Updated: 6 days ago


Megababe Rosy Pits

This deodorant has an anti-chafing and anti-friction stick, as well as an aluminum, alcohol, and baking soda-free formula that helps keep odors at bay and lasts all day long with no need to reapply.



The extra baking soda helps absorb more wetness and neutralizes your body odor throughout the day. Fair trade shea butter moisturizes delicate skin and keeps you fresh all day long.



Enriched with shea butter to help soothe and soften your skin on the daily. This all-natural deodorant is infused with coconut oil to make the skin soft as can be.


Alleyoop Slow Your Roll

This all-natural deodorant is 100% aluminum-free, with a unique blend of organic essential oils, keeping you fresh all day and naturally slows hair growth over time.


Nécessaire The Deodorant

Nécessaire's The Deodorant features a blend of mandelic and lactic acids that neutralize odor, as well as a combination of silica, zinc, and Kaolin clay to keep your underarms feeling dry and fresh.


Corpus Third Rose

Corpus not only smells amazing, but is very natural, not too overpowering, and leaves pits feeling refreshed all day long.


Blume Hug Me

This all-natural deodorant works hard to keep your pits fresh, clean and dry all day long without any need for reapplications, ever. It is free of any toxic ingredients that are harmful to your skin.


Farmacy Freshen Up

Farmacy's Freshen Up All-Natural Deodorant is made with skin-purifying moringa, brightening papaya, and kaolin clay, leaving you feeling minty fresh for hours.


Malin+Goetz Bergamot

Malin+Goetz’s new paraben-free stick provides odor protection, thanks to a blend of probiotic enzymes and corn starch, while natural bergamot extract offers an uplifting aroma.


Kaia Naturals Charcoal

Rather than using baking soda, which can be irritating for some, this relies on activated charcoal to help detoxify and neutralize odors.