The Best Instagram Captions For New Year’s Eve

  1. Page 1 of 365.
  2. New year, new me.
  3. Glitter is my favorite color.
  4. New year, same me, bigger goals.
  5. Here’s to whatever comes next.
  6. But first, champagne.
  7. I’m still the same person I was last year, now I’m just hungover.
  8. May all your troubles last as long as your resolutions.
  9. Cheers to another year.
  10. Expecting a clever caption? That was so last year.
  11. Just here for the champagne.
  12. 365 new days. 365 new excuses.
  13. New year, same me.
  14. Save water, drink champagne.
  15. There’s no such thing as too much sparkle.
  16. The time is now.
  17. 9 p.m. is the new midnight.
  18. The best endings always have confetti.
  19. Every moment is a fresh beginning.
  20. Dress for the year you want.
  21. I would lose weight for my New Year’s resolution, but I hate losing.
  22. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.
  23. Pop, fizz, clink.
  24. Taking applications for my New Year’s kiss.
  25. Glitter is my signature color.
  26. Less bitter, more glitter.
  27. Walking in a confetti wonderland.
  28. I’m ready for midnight kisses that lead to New Year’s wishes.
  29. I’ve got a bubbly personality.
  30. All dressed up with a whole year to go.
  31. What is coming is better than what’s going.
  32. Let us celebrate New Year’s Eve by making many pour decisions.
  33. The best time for new beginnings is now.
  34. Any excuse to wear sequins.
  35. See you next year.
  36. Ring out the old and ring in the new.
  37. A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.
  38. Whether the glass is half full or half empty, make sure there’s vodka in it.
  39. New year, new feels, new chances, same dreams.
  40. Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one.

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